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Peer-Reviewed Articles

2024 Martin, M, Núñez de la Mora, A, Valeggia, C, Veile, A. "Can women hunt? Yes. Did women contribute much to human evolution through endurance hunting? Probably not." American Anthropologist. [LINK]

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2023 Seabright, Edmond, et al. "Repercussions of patrilocal residence on mothers' social support networks among Tsimane forager–farmers." Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2021.0442. [LINK]

2022 Veile, A, Otárola-Castillo, E, Kramer, K. “Household Sanitary Conditions Modulate the Relationship between Birth Mode and Child Growth.” American Journal of Biological Anthropology, DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.24563. [LINK]

2022 Veile, A, Azcorra, H, Christopher, L, Varela-Silva, I, Dickinson, F, Kramer, K. “Differences in Nutritional Status Between Rural and Urban Yucatec Maya Children: The Importance of Early Life Conditions.” American Journal of Biological Anthropology, 178.2: 205-222. [LINK]

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2020 Miller, V, VanWormer, L, Veile, A. Assessment of Attention in Biological Mothers using the Attention Network Test – Revised. Current Psychology. [LINK]

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2019 Veile, A, Faria, A, Tuller, S, Rivera, S, Kramer, K. Birth Mode, Breastfeeding and Childhood Infectious Morbidity in the Yucatec Maya.   American Journal of Human Biology. DOI: 10.1002/ajhb.23218. [LINK]

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2016 Kramer, K, Veile, A, and E Otárola-Castillo.   Sibling competition and growth tradeoffs. Biological vs statistical significance. PloS One 3/3/16.[LINK]

2015 Veile, A, Kramer, K.     Changing Birth and Breastfeeding Dynamics in a Modernizing Indigenous Community. Journal of Human Lactation 30:1 145-155.[LINK]

2014 Veile, A, Martin, M, McAllister, L, Gurven, M.    Modernization is Associated with Intensive Breastfeeding in the Bolivian Amazon. Social Science and Medicine, 100: 148-158. [LINK]

2012 Veile, A, Winking, J, Gurven, M, Greaves, R, Kramer, K.    Infant Growth and the Thymus: Data from Two South American Native Societies. American Journal of Human Biology 24: 768-775. [LINK]

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

2023 Veile, A. Globalization, Diet and Child Health in Three Latin American Indigenous Populations.  Datta Banik, S. (editor). Chapter: Human Growth and Nutrition in Latin American and Caribbean Countries, Springer. [LINK]

2021 Kramer, K, Veile, A, Ivey, P. Conceiving Reproduction in Biological Anthropology.  Han, S, Tomori, C (editors). Chapter: The Routledge Handbook of Anthropology and Reproduction, Routledge. [LINK]

2020 Veile, A, Asaf, S, E Otárola-Castillo, Kramer, K. Hydration, Lactation and Child Health in the Yucatec Maya.  Dickinson, F, Azcorra, H. (editors). Chapter: Environment and Health in the Yucatan Peninsula. A Human Ecology Perspective, Springer.

2018 Veile, A, Kramer, K. Pregnancy, Birth and Babies: Motherhood and Modernization in a Yucatec Village.  Schwartz, D (editor). Chapter: Maternal Death and Pregnancy-Related Morbidity Among Indigenous Women of Mexico & Central America: An Anthropological, Epidemiological and Biomedical Approach, Springer. [LINK]

2017 Veile, A, Kramer, K. Shifting Weanling's Optimum: The Ecology of Breastfeeding and Infant Health in the Yucatan. Palmquist, A, Tomori, C, Quinn, EA (editors). Chapter: Breastfeeding and Human Lactation: New Anthropological Approaches, Routledge Books. [LINK]

Book Reviews

2018 Veile, A., Rivera, S. Book Review: White Gold: Stories of Breast Milk Sharing.  by Susan Falls. American Journal of Human Biology. [LINK]

2018 Inderstrodt, J, Veile, A. Book Review: Tell Me Why My Children Died: Rabies, Indigenous Knowledge, and Communicative Justice. The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology. [LINK]