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Collaborators in the Tsimane project (ca. 2004).
Funding Agencies
The National Science Foundation
Harvard University Department of
Human Evolutionary Biology

Harvard University Office of Post Doctoral Fellows
Claire Garber Goodman Fund for the Anthropological Study of Human Culture, Dartmouth College
Exploratory Research in the Social Sciences, Purdue University College of Liberal Arts

Recent Collaborators
Stephen Lindemann – Purdue University
Claudia Valeggia – Yale University
Karen Kramer – University of Utah
Russell D. Greaves – University of Utah
Melanie Martin – UC Santa Barbara
Lisa McAllister – UC Santa Barbara
Michael Gurven – UC Santa Barbara
Jeffrey Winking – Texas A&M
Erik Otárola-Castillo – Purdue University
Working with Bolivian indigenous populations in an economic development project (ca. 2005)

Research on Tsimane
Tsimane Amazonian Panel Study
Tsimane Health and Life History Project

Professional Associations
American Association of Physical Anthropologists
Human Biology Association
American Anthropological Association