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LABOR is a multi-disciplinary research group. We are dedicated to conducting ethical field and laboratory research in human evolutionary biology. We focus on maternal reproductive biology and the immuno-nutritional development of infants and children in a variety of cross-cultural settings. 

I maintain a working biohazard level 2 wet lab in Stone Hall at Purdue University. The lab possesses a BioTek Microplate Washer and Absorbance Microplate Reader, an Eppendorf Centrifuge and Microcentrifuge, a Thermo Scientific Microplate Shaker, Mettler Toledo and Sartorius Analytical Balances, a Fisher Scientific Isotemp Magnetic Stirrer and a Mettler Toledo pH Meter. The lab has capacity to run Enzyme Linked Immunoassays (ELISA) to measure metabolic hormones and immunoproteins in human saliva and dried blood spots.


Internship and training opportunities are available for undergraduate and graduate students in the lab and in the field. While most LABOR students are in Anthropology or Public Health, we invite students with aligned research interests from a variety of related fields. Meet current LABOR students here.


Scientists establish link between cesarean birth and obesity in infants, 10/13/16.

Mayas nacidos por cesarea pesan mas hasta los 5 años (Maya born by cesarean weigh more up to 5 years), 11/4/16.

Indigenous group add to evidence tying Cesarean birth to obesity, 11/07/16.